Introducing Sharon…

This is Sharon’s Author site.  She is a retired social worker and educator, having returned to the work force post-retirement to provide office and bookkeeping assistance to her daughter and son-in-law in their Internet marketing business.  She is also busy staying fit and healthy, learning as much as she can about nutrition and its contribution to healthy senior living.

Sharon’s list of credits include two books which she has published.  The first was released in 2005, Shar’s Story, a Mother and Daughter Reunited. It’s her one-night-read memoir about her reunion with the baby she surrendered for adoption in 1966.

She is co-author of My Dirty Little Secrets – Steroids, Alcohol and God, The Tony Mandarich Story. This memoir describes Tony’s life leading up to his football fame at Michigan State University, playing in the NFL and his life of addiction from which he emerged to re-create a new life.  Some have said it is the most inspirational story they have ever read.

Sharon’s third book is ‘incubating’… Please take a look at the pages on this site for further information about Sharon and her writings.

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    “With just a few exceptions, each item on AWOB has a story provided by the consignor,” Lee explains. “The item itself doesn’t have to be unique, antique, or handmade– though it shouldn’t be a mass-produced souvenir. It should, however, have a story that accompanies it – about the artifact itself, the culture from which it originates, or the consignor’s own travel story.”
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